Diamond Necklace

A Diamond Necklace is a Perennial Attention-Getter

You don't need to wear a big "bling" necklace to ensure that diamond jewellery always catches everyone's attention. In fact, you can draw people's eyes even with a thin, small one. How do you do this? Simple: Make it a diamond necklace.

Thanks to diamonds having a reputation for being very expensive, you'll always draw attention when you wear them. The twinkling shine of the stones is the first thing that gets people to look, and once the viewer consciously realizes what he or she is looking at, the rest comes naturally. This is why you don't need a huge ring or necklace to draw positive attention if the piece includes one or more diamonds.

Once you decide that you want diamond to be an element of your next piece of jewellery, it's time to choose the form you want it to take. A classic look is made up of one big diamond, with or without smaller surrounding stones. Those of a certain era will surely be very impressed by "a big rock on your hand." However, that doesn't mean that you, or younger people, will find it to be the most attractive from an aesthetic standpoint.

Pave diamonds achieve their impressive look by taking another path. Instead of a big diamond, pave jewellery is encrusted with a large number of small ones. This creates a stunning and modern look that will shine far more than one stone can. However, it is correct that small diamonds, individually, aren't worth as much as big ones. Pave makes up for this by including a huge number of small ones.

If you don't already have a specific look in mind, one of the best ways to make the decision is to visit a jewellery store in person. Then, you can see a variety of styles and take note of any that catch your eye. Often, you'll see one or more pieces that really call to you.

It's a good idea to tell the jeweller something about what you're looking for before you begin to peruse the displays. If you want a diamond necklace, for example, you should ask to be directed to that area so that you aren't distracted by rings and earrings before you get it. Be sure to state which metal you want, too. Gold, silver, and titanium pieces are often displayed in their own areas.

You should also let the jeweller know your budget. It can be fun to look at things that are outside of it, but it's also frustrating to fall in love with something that you won't be able to get right away. Going straight for the pieces that you can buy today will eliminate that issue.