Engagement Ring

Will You Wear Your Engagement Ring After Marriage? Expect to Need Ring Resize Service!

When someone gives you a diamond ring, especially if it's a wedding or engagement ring, you likely expect to wear it forever. After all, these rings commemorate some of the most important events in your life. However, as the years go by, you may encounter a problem – a change in the size of your finger.

It is very common for people to gain weight as they get older, but some face the opposite issue. Either way, a significant change in weight will change your ring size. This makes it so that your wedding and engagement rings will no longer fit properly. Often, it takes a few decades for this to become a problem, though if you suddenly gain or lose a lot of weight sooner, the problem will arise at that time instead.

The solution to rings that don't fit is not to buy entirely new rings. Instead, you should go to a quality jewellery shop and ask for ring resize service. In this service, material is either added to the existing ring or taken away from it. Then, the ring is reworked so that the adjustment area is invisible. You still have your old ring, but now, it fits.

There are many benefits to getting a ring resize instead of buying a new ring. One is that your old ring is the one with sentimental importance, and when it's resized, you get to keep wearing it. The other is that it is less expensive to resize a ring than it is to get another. This makes sense since the work of creating your old ring has already been done, and was paid for when you originally got it.

All types of high-quality rings can be resized. Gold bands are most often depicted for this service, but the same process is used for a diamond ring. The resizing is typically done on the side that will face downwards, and doesn't involve changing the part the gem is attached to. This makes it possible to adjust rings whether or not they include gemstones or other embellishments.

If you find that you're having trouble getting a ring off of your finger, don't wait until it has to be cut off. Instead, get ring resizing done right away. This will not only save you discomfort and the possible loss of finger circulation, it will ensure that your ring isn't harmed by careless emergency removal.

It's just as important to have an overly large ring resized to fit your finger after you lose weight. A ring that's too big can slip off and be lost, so it needs to be resized as soon as it feels too loose.