Gold Bracelet

Why is Gold so Alluring?

Since time immemorial, gold has been a symbol of both status and beauty. This has made it a favourite metal for making jewellery. Whether a piece has a splash of gold around a gem, or is made only of the gold itself, it will always stand out from those made from other metals.

Gold has the additional property of being immune to corrosion. While it may occasionally need to be cleaned to keep it free of grime, you'll never have to worry about tarnish. This means that if you set it in a drawer for six months, you can still pick it up and put it right on. With other metals, especially silver, you would first have to polish the piece. Many people love the fact that they don't have to deal with that when they choose gold.

Which types of gold jewellery are popular depends in part on which area of the world the wearer is in. In India, for example, someone who buys a gold bracelet will likely add it to several others that are being worn at the same time. However, in Australia, you're more likely to see someone with a gold ring or gold earrings.

Gender is also an important factor in the choice of jewellery. It's easy to make a gold ring for either a man or a woman. The man's version is almost always thicker, and may be embellished with a hammered design or the insignia of a school. Meanwhile, the women's versions are thinner and tend to be smooth or have gemstone added.

Either way, it is important for a gold ring to be sized correctly. One that's too big can slip off and be lost, while one that's too small can end up stuck on the finger. Ring sizing is a standard service at sellers of fine jewellery, but it isn't nearly as common in the costume market. With costume jewellery, rings are typically made in one or a few common sizes, so you have to try them on before buying and hope they're close enough.

Gold earrings, while sometimes seen on men, are still almost entirely worn by women and girls. This makes it so that most designs are feminine in appearance, with thinner lines being common. Designs, if present, trend toward the intricate. That said, some gold earrings are surprisingly big and heavy! These are used when the wearer wants to make a bold fashion statement.

Men's earrings do exist, as well. They tend to be simple and understated, but any gold earrings on a man will stand out just the same.